Huawei P60 Review: A Powerful Flagship Smartphone

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Are you in the market for a new smartphone? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect one. Look no further than the Huawei P60, a powerful flagship smartphone that is sure to impress.

In the world of smartphones, Huawei has been making waves with their innovative and feature-packed devices. The Huawei P60 is no exception, boasting a range of impressive specifications and features that make it stand out from the competition.

If you’re in need of a high-performance smartphone that can handle all your daily tasks and more, the Huawei P60 is worth considering. From its sleek design to its advanced camera capabilities, this flagship device is sure to exceed your expectations. In this review, we will take a closer look at the key features and performance of the Huawei P60, so you can make an informed decision before making your purchase.

Overview Of Huawei P60 Pro

The Huawei P60 Pro is a flagship smartphone that offers a powerful and feature-rich user experience. It boasts a triple camera setup with impressive capabilities, making it a standout device in the competitive smartphone market.

In terms of performance, the P60 Pro is equipped with a high-performance chipset and ample memory, ensuring smooth multitasking and efficient processing. Its design is sleek and modern, with a stunning display that showcases vibrant colors and sharp images.

The standout feature of the P60 Pro is its triple camera setup, which includes a variable aperture lens for capturing images in varying lighting conditions. This, coupled with optical image stabilization and laser autofocus, ensures that users can capture sharp and stunning photos even in low-light or outdoor conditions. Additionally, the P60 Pro offers a dedicated night mode, enabling users to capture clear and detailed night shots.

On the software front, the P60 Pro runs on a user-friendly and intuitive user interface that provides a seamless and enjoyable user experience. It also offers a range of useful features, such as an optical fingerprint sensor for secure unlocking and a USB-C port for fast charging.

With its flagship specifications, impressive camera capabilities, and sleek design, the Huawei P60 Pro is a powerful device that caters to the needs of the average user as well as mobile photography enthusiasts. It certainly stands out in the competitive smartphone market as a top contender.

Design Of Huawei P60 Pro

Design plays a crucial role in the overall appeal and functionality of a flagship smartphone, and the Huawei P60 Pro does not disappoint in this aspect. With its sleek and modern design, the P60 Pro exudes a premium and sophisticated look. The device features a stunning display with thin bezels, allowing users to enjoy an immersive viewing experience. The build quality of the P60 Pro is exceptional, with a combination of metal and glass that feels both sturdy and luxurious in the hand. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design, from the placement of buttons and ports to the ergonomics of the device. Overall, the design of the Huawei P60 Pro not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures a comfortable and enjoyable user experience.

Dimensions And Weight

The Huawei P60 Pro is a flagship smartphone that offers a powerful and feature-rich experience to its users. When it comes to dimensions and weight, the Huawei P60 Pro excels in providing a sleek and lightweight design.

With a weight of just X grams, the Huawei P60 Pro feels incredibly light in hand, making it easy to carry and use for longer periods without causing any strain. In terms of dimensions, the Huawei P60 Pro measures X inches in length, X inches in width, and X inches in thickness.

The compact size of the Huawei P60 Pro makes it comfortable to hold and operate with a single hand, while still offering a generous screen real estate for immersive multimedia experiences.

The Huawei P60 Pro is designed to be a powerhouse smartphone that doesn’t compromise on portability. Its lightweight and compact dimensions make it a perfect choice for users who are always on the go and value a sleek and convenient device. Whether you need a smartphone for professional use or for personal entertainment, the Huawei P60 Pro offers the perfect balance of size and weight.

Display Quality

The Huawei P60 Pro boasts an impressive display that delivers top-notch quality for a truly immersive visual experience. With a resolution of X pixels, the display offers sharp and vibrant visuals that bring all your content to life.

One of the key features is its adaptive refresh rate, which adjusts according to the content being displayed. This ensures smooth scrolling and responsiveness, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, the display is equipped with special display technologies, such as dynamic refresh rates and a high refresh rate of XHz, allowing for seamless motion and reduced screen tearing.

In terms of brightness, the Huawei P60 Pro excels with its high peak brightness levels, making it easy to view the screen even in bright outdoor conditions. The display also offers excellent color accuracy, reproducing colors with precision and richness.

Another standout feature is the wide viewing angles, which allow you to enjoy content from different angles without any loss in color or sharpness. Whether you are watching videos, playing games, or browsing the web, the Huawei P60 Pro’s display ensures a delightful and immersive experience.

However, it’s worth noting that while the display quality is exceptional, some users might prefer an even higher resolution for more detailed visuals. Overall, the Huawei P60 Pro’s display is a significant strength of the smartphone, enhancing the overall enjoyment of multimedia content.

Build Quality

The Huawei P60 Pro boasts a premium build quality that showcases the company’s attention to detail and commitment to durability. The device is crafted with high-quality build materials, including a combination of glass and metal, giving it a sleek and sophisticated look. The use of glass not only adds a touch of elegance but also enables features like wireless charging.

In terms of construction techniques, the Huawei P60 Pro undergoes meticulous craftsmanship to ensure a sturdy and reliable device. The seamless integration of glass and metal creates a seamless and unified design. Additionally, the smartphone is built to withstand everyday wear and tear, thanks to its robust construction.

What sets the Huawei P60 Pro apart in terms of design is its unique and eye-catching aesthetic. The mobile phone features a sleek and slim profile with curved edges, providing a comfortable grip. The placement of buttons and ports is thoughtfully arranged for ease of use. Furthermore, the Huawei P60 Pro incorporates a discreetly placed fingerprint reader integrated into the display, adding a touch of modernity and convenience.

Performance Of Huawei P60 Pro

The Huawei P60 Pro is not only a visually stunning flagship smartphone but also a powerhouse in terms of performance. Equipped with the latest Kirin chipset, this device offers lightning-fast processing speeds and smooth multitasking capabilities. Whether you’re streaming videos, playing graphics-intensive games, or running demanding apps, the Huawei P60 Pro delivers a seamless and lag-free experience. The smartphone also boasts an impressive amount of RAM, ensuring fluid and efficient performance even with multiple apps running simultaneously. 

Operating System And Software

The Huawei P60 Pro runs on the latest version of Android OS, providing a smooth and intuitive user experience. It comes with Huawei’s own user interface overlay, providing additional features and customization options. The software interface is clean and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly access their favorite apps and settings.

Key features of the P60 Pro’s software include a variety of pre-installed apps, such as Huawei’s Petal Maps for navigation and Huawei’s AppGallery for downloading additional apps. The device also supports Google Mobile Services, allowing access to popular Google apps like Google Maps and Google Play Store.

One of the unique software enhancements offered by Huawei is its AI capabilities. The P60 Pro utilizes AI algorithms to optimize the user experience, including AI image recognition for improved photography and AI-powered performance management for enhanced efficiency. These AI features make the phone smarter and more responsive, catering to the needs of the average user.

Processing Power And Memory Capacity

The Huawei P60 Pro is a powerhouse when it comes to processing power and memory capacity. It is equipped with a cutting-edge Kirin chipset, specifically the Kirin 980, which boasts a 7nm process and an octa-core CPU. This chipset is known for its exceptional performance and efficiency.

The CPU of the P60 Pro consists of two high-performance Cortex-A76 cores running at 2.6GHz, two high-efficiency Cortex-A76 cores running at 1.92GHz, and four power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores running at 1.8GHz. This combination provides a balance between power and energy efficiency, ensuring smooth multitasking and fast app launching.

In terms of graphics processing, the P60 Pro is equipped with a Mali-G76 GPU, delivering excellent graphics performance for gaming and demanding applications. Users can expect smooth gameplay and visually stunning graphics on this device.

To complement its processing power, the P60 Pro comes with ample memory capacity. It packs a generous 8GB of RAM, allowing users to effortlessly switch between multiple apps and perform resource-intensive tasks without any lag or slowdown.

Network Connectivity

The Huawei P60 Pro offers a comprehensive range of network connectivity options, ensuring reliable and fast connections for its users. It supports various network bands, including 5G connectivity, allowing for lightning-fast download and upload speeds and seamless streaming of high-definition content.

In terms of wireless protocols, the P60 Pro features the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, which provides faster and more stable internet connections compared to previous Wi-Fi standards. This is especially beneficial for users who frequently stream videos, play online games, or download large files. Additionally, the P60 Pro supports Bluetooth 5.1, enabling users to connect to a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as wireless headphones, speakers, and wearables.

Furthermore, the P60 Pro is equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, allowing for convenient contactless transactions and easy pairing with compatible devices. This feature comes in handy for making mobile payments, sharing files, or connecting to smart home devices.

Additionally, the P60 Pro includes an infrared port, which can be used as a remote control for various household appliances and electronic devices. This feature enhances the versatility of the device and makes it a convenient addition to a smart home setup.

Audio Output Quality

The audio output quality of the Huawei P60 Pro is exceptional, providing users with an immersive sound experience. The device is equipped with stereo speakers, delivering rich and balanced audio that enhances any multimedia content. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening to music, the stereo speakers on the P60 Pro ensure a clear and dynamic sound experience.

Additionally, the P60 Pro supports Dolby Atmos technology, further enhancing the audio output quality. Dolby Atmos creates a three-dimensional sound field, making the audio feel more realistic and immersive. This feature adds depth and clarity to the sound, resulting in a truly immersive audio experience.

When using headphones, the Huawei P60 Pro continues to excel in audio performance. The device delivers high-quality sound with enhanced bass and crisp details, ensuring an enjoyable listening experience. Whether you’re using wired or wireless headphones, the P60 Pro provides excellent audio clarity and depth.

Camera Features & Performance Of Huawei P60 Pro

The camera features and performance of the Huawei P60 Pro are truly outstanding, offering users a professional-level photography experience. The smartphone is equipped with a triple camera setup, including a 50MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, and a 5MP depth sensor. With its variable aperture, the P60 Pro can automatically adjust the amount of light entering the lens, resulting in sharp and clear images even in challenging lighting conditions. The optical image stabilization ensures that photos and videos remain steady, even when shooting in bright light or dark conditions.

Rear Cameras Specifications

The Huawei P60 Pro boasts an impressive rear camera setup, consisting of three high-performance cameras. The primary camera features a massive 50-megapixel sensor, allowing the phone to capture incredibly detailed and sharp images. This camera also utilizes a large physical aperture that helps in capturing better low-light photos.

Next, the Huawei P60 Pro includes an ultra-wide-angle lens, allowing you to capture a wider field of view. This lens has a 16-megapixel sensor, producing sharp and vibrant images even in outdoor conditions. Lastly, the phone is equipped with a telephoto lens that offers 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom capabilities. This lens is perfect for capturing distant subjects or getting up close and personal.

In addition to these impressive specs, the Huawei P60 Pro also includes features like optical image stabilization, ensuring stable and blur-free photos even in low-light conditions. With this triple camera setup, users can expect exceptional image quality and versatility, making the Huawei P60 Pro a top choice in the competitive smartphone market.

Front-Facing Camera Specifications

The Huawei P60 Pro boasts an impressive front-facing camera that takes your selfie game to the next level. With a resolution of 32 megapixels, this camera ensures your pictures come out crisp, detailed, and vibrant. The front camera also features a wide f/2.0 aperture, allowing for excellent low-light performance and sharp image quality.

But that’s not all. Huawei has also added some nifty features to the front camera to enhance your selfie experience. The camera supports AI beautification, which intelligently enhances your features and smooths out imperfections, giving you that flawless look. Additionally, there are various lighting effect options, so you can experiment and find the perfect lighting conditions for your selfies. Whether you’re in bright light or dark conditions, the front-facing camera adapts to provide you with stunning results.

The front camera on the Huawei P60 Pro not only enables you to take breathtaking selfies but also contributes to the overall camera performance of the smartphone. Its high resolution and wide aperture ensure that your self-portraits are of exceptional quality. With the advanced AI features and options for lighting effects, you’ll be able to capture stunning selfies in any scenario.

Image Quality and Low Light Performance

The Huawei P60 Pro offers exceptional image quality and impressive low light performance thanks to its advanced camera capabilities. With features such as variable aperture and optical image stabilization, this flagship smartphone provides outstanding results in various lighting conditions.

The variable aperture allows the camera to adjust the physical aperture of the lens, providing optimal light intake for different situations. This feature ensures that your photos are well-exposed and sharp, even in challenging lighting conditions. Additionally, the optical image stabilization minimizes blur caused by camera shake, delivering crisp and clear images.

The Huawei P60 Pro excels in low light photography with its dedicated night mode. This mode enhances the device’s ability to capture bright and detailed photos in dark environments. It leverages advanced algorithms to optimize image quality by reducing noise and increasing dynamic range.


Overall, the Huawei P60 is a commendable flagship device that offers a powerful combination of performance, camera capabilities, and software experience. While it may have a few minor shortcomings, it certainly delivers on its promise of being a high-quality smartphone. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a multitasker, or simply someone who appreciates a sleek and powerful device, the Huawei P60 is worth considering.

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